Other options for "featured content" section

Hi there,

I’m trying to do something to my site which uses BP-Daily, ( with buddypress and multisite.

I’m trying to create another option in the featured section. The theme came with tabbed, slideshow, video or none. I’d like to add a space where I can put a map, using WP-Geo.

I’ve created a “featured-other.php” file and placed it in the theme/library/components.

I’ve also added “other” to the options in the “option-functions” file in theme/library/functions (lines 31 and 37).

So far this gives me “other” as an option in the drop down menu in the Theme Options part of the backend.

My question now is what exactly do I put into the “featured-other.php” file?

I’m using WP-Geo to geotag my posts and create a map that displays pins on a map that correspond to the posts (you can click on the pin and it will open that post)

WP-Geo has a Recent Locations widget which gives me exactly what I’m looking for. Is it possible to simply make a widgetized area in the feature area?

Or do I select some php from the widget and place it into the “featured-other” file?

Or, is there php from the plugin that I should cut and paste into the “featured-other.php” file

Or, is there a way to use the shortcode that the WP-Geo uses?

Thanks for your help!