other payment gateway for events+


Is it possible to use another payment gateway for events+.

How difficult would it be?


  • Patrick

    Hi @tinygiantstudios

    As of version 1.6, you can integrate MarketPress with Events+ and use any of the payment gateways available in MarketPress.

    Simply activate the "Payments via MarketPress Products" module in Events+, and you will see a new setting just beneath the Payments section where you can even select a specific product category to use for events.

    The process is quite simple: create a product to use for the event, then create the event and associate it with that product when you configure the payment info in the new event.

  • David

    I live WPMU and your product line but respectfully, this is not a solution, it is a band aid.

    MarketPress with Event+ Check-out is a multiple step check out process with problematic loop holes.

    Please refer to this screenshot: http://www.aztrauma.org/wp-content/uploads/events_plus_marketplace_01.jpg

    Here's one main problem: I MUST Press Add to Cart prior checking out and paying for the event in this scenario.

    I needed custom code just to HAVE the Checkout button display where
    the Events+ default Pay Now button is located.

    If I don’t press Add to Cart first and just click on Checkout, I am redirected to
    A n empty shopping cart notification page. If I then in turn click on “Browse
    Products” on the ‘shopping cart” page, I am then in turn taken to a third page
    a Products page and NOT my event page.

    This is archaic and is not the smooth process offered by using the default payment settings for Events+ and yet I MUST do this in order to offer Credit Card payments via PayPal as PayPal Express is not offered for Events+ in Native mode.

    I haven't even mentioned that the check out process takes 3-4 steps if tied to Marketplace, but if I just click pay now in the Default Events+ payment window the process is streamlined and I am taken directly to PayPal.

    An all ways this is a convoluted process and it can all be avoided by adding PayPal Express as an option for Events+

    My audience is by and large 40+ and do not use PayPal. They want to take out their credit card and pay for the event and not be forced to sign up for paypal. This should be an option in Events+ without going through the multiple hassles associated with using MarketPress as an in-between program. I implore you to add this option to Events+.

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