Other Shortcodes not working

I have the membership plugin set up and I'm using shortcodes to hide content for non members. I have a different plugin installed that allows me to use shortcodes on a page to display certain content. When I am logged in as the admin, or not logged in at all, the content shortcode works. But once I log in as a member, it displays nothing.

I have tried this on a page with protected content, and a completely free page, and both act the same. It works fine until I log in as a member.

I have the option to show all shortcodes by defualt and the content shortcode is does not have a negative rule on it, so that isn't it. In fact, if I put a negative rule on the shortcode, it gives me my "you need to be a member" text.

I tried disabling the plugin and the shortcodes work fine when membership is disabled, and logged in as the same user.