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Just a request/suggestion to include the compatible version of WP for "other versions" of a plugin. It is always listed for the current build, but not older versions.

Currently, when viewing the "Other Versions" list, there is no way to determine which version of WP the older plugin is compatible with.

For example, I have an install that is WP 2.9.2 and in looking at the Blog Templates plugin, I see no apparent way to determine compatibility for the "Other Versions" - even when I download the packages and look at the Change Log or the plugin code itself.

This puts me into a spot of trying to guess by looking at release dates, trial and error, etc.

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    One way to do it would be to check the changelog. When you see that it's been 'upgraded for VERSION compatibility' you know that the previous version of the plugin was not yet compatible and probably was for the previous WordPress version.

    So if a plugin changelog says at version 1.0.4 'Upgraded for 3.0 compatibility'. Then you can safely assume that version 1.0.3 is compatible with WPMU 2.9.2. Though, I'd also say you're gonna need to upgrade that 2.9.2 at some point. WordPress 3.0.4 is quite a nice stable version to consider ;D


  • airfoil
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    Take the New Blog Templates download list for example. When I look at the list of previous plugins, there is no mention anywhere of it being 'upgraded for VERSION compatibility'.

    I would imagine that that since the plugin was released in May 2010 - before WP 3.0 was released - that there are some releases that are 2.9 compatible - but I wouldn't know which ones from the changlelog info. I even downloaded a couple of packages, unzipped them and looked at the changelog file - no info.

    Yes - I will need to upgrade the 2.9.2 install at some point - but can't at the moment.

    Is there any reason you guys don't include compatibility info in these lists? Seems like an easy, common sense addition...particularly since you post that info each time a plugin is initially released.

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