Our site is not sending emails

I have discovered that our site is not sending any emails. Usually when a new User is added they receive an email with their login details and we receive a 'New User Registration' confirmation email. Neither of these emails were received for the latest batch of users I uploaded. (I tested again adding a single new user and same problem.) Also, under their Group I checked the 'Welcome Email' to send an email when a new member join the group. No email was sent when I added the new users to their group. So I used the option 'Send an email notice to everyone in the group' but again nothing was sent.
We have WordPress 3.9.3 , SB Welcome Email Editor 3.9, Membership Premium, BuddyPress 2.2.1, BuddyPress Activity Plus 1.6.1, BuddyPress Group Email Subscription 3.5.1 and BP Group Email 1.0.6.
Many thanks for your help

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @PCI Team, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    One thing I would advise doing first would be trying to use one of these plugins to help send your emails via SMTP:


    (the SB Welcome Email Editor actually advises the use of a SMTP plugin, to help make sure that emails get delivered successfully, as noted at the bottom of it's project page)

    Should neither of those plugins get things working here though, could I ask you to try inserting the following code into your site as a mu-plugin:

     * Logs error to file
     * @uses <code>error_log</code> function to log on file
     * @param string $error message of the error
     * @param string $type type of the error message
    function log_error( $error, $type = 'error' ) {
        $path = dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/log.txt';
        $msg = sprintf( "[%s][%s] %s\n", date( 'd.m.Y h:i:s' ), $type, $error );
        error_log( $msg, 3, $path );
     * Log the mail to text file
     * @uses <code>wp_mail</code> filter
     * @param array $mail
    function wedevs_mail_log( $mail ) {
        $message = "to: {$mail['to']} \nsub: {$mail['subject']}, \nmsg:{$mail['message']}";
        log_error( 'mail', $message );
        return $mail;
    add_filter( 'wp_mail', 'wedevs_mail_log', 10 );

    And attaching the log for that here? :slight_smile:

    (make sure to edit out the email password noted in the log, should one be there)

    Kind Regards,

  • PCI Team

    Hi Michael
    Thanks for your quick response. As with your response to a General query I posted last week, I did not receive notification of your response by email (and this time I checked that the 'Notify me by Email' option was checked before I posted my query). I've checked my Junk folder and nothing there. Have never had problems receiving WPMU emails before. Surely that can't be related to this problem can it?
    I will try adding an smtp plugin, thanks for the two suggestions. Would this affect the BuddyPress emails for Groups?
    I feel that the problem has arisen because of a plugin update, I'm just not sure which. As far as I'm aware, there was no problem with emails sent following the previous batch of users I added on 20 March. At least, we received the 'New User Registration' confirmation emails for all of them. (No emails sent to us or the new users that were added on 27 March.)
    I'm going to have a go at adding your code as an 'mu-plugin'.
    Many thanks

  • PCI Team

    Hello Michael

    Not sure if you've seen my last two responses? I just tried to install Easy WP SMTP but it caused a serious side effect. After installing and activating the plugin, I added two new users. They appeared in the list of users on /wp-admin/network/users.php but without a Site attributed to them as would normally happen. That meant that they did not appear in /wp-admin/users.php and I was unable to allocated a subscription to them. I had not finished setting up the smtp settings as I am waiting for info for the email address that we use, so I can't say whether or not it would have solved the email problem. Obviously I have deactivated the plugin.

    Many thanks


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey PCI Team,

    Hope you're doing well today! I saw your post in the other thread.

    I would try using mandrill. If none of your emails are sending then it is likely a email server issue. You mention Easy SMTP caused a serious side effect, but did the emails work?

    Either way, give wpMandrill a shot, it's easy to setup, just create a free account here: https://mandrill.com/ so you get an api key - sending emails with them is free up to 10,000/month - more than enough in most cases.

    If it's still not working then you might want to talk to your host because it's likely they are blocking a required port. They will be able to help if that is the case :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps and let us know if after that your emails still aren't sending.

    All the best,

  • PCI Team

    Hi Tyler

    I asked our host if they were blocking a port and they said no. However, yesterday I got one of their technicians to run tests and he saw that the emails were being blocked by the outbound spam filter (our site had been compromised, so I had to replace loads of malicious files). The host has removed our domain from the filter and all is working fine now.

    Thanks to you and Michael for your help.

    Best wishes


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