Out Of Stock Variations?

Hi guys,

Is there anything in the code to do anything with variations of a product that are out of stock?

I know there is the "Hide Out of Stock Products?" option which is great for basic products..

"This will set the product to draft if inventory of all variations is gone."


But what if only one of the variations is gone? Is that variation supposed to disappear?

  • Vaughan

    Hi dijitul

    Hope you're well?

    It should not allow you to buy or add them to cart if the stock is 0. They will still display in the options list dropdown though.

    You must make sure you have edited each variation though and checked the box that says track inventory items, otherwise, even though you set to 0, if it's not checked, it doesn't track. you need to click the 'More info' icon itself.

    Then check the track inventory checkbox.

    Hope this helps

  • Wesley

    Thank you for the reply, but that does not really help me.

    I can understand that the "Pro" version should have all these extra features, and this is how you sell the software, get a membership and pay but when the "Pro" can't give you the same features than the FREE version.

    Then I'm asking myself why bother with the UPGRADE - Why use Marketpress in the first place if I'm not getting the functionality that you are advertising or that are standard on other platforms?

    And what about all these payment gateways the system is meant to have? I have my own merchant number with Visa and Mastercard - how do I activate a credit card payment button in marketpress which is simply pass-through?

    I'm sorry but I can feel nothing less than I've been ripped off !!!

    • Vaughan


      To use your own VISA/Mastercard passthru would require custom coding, you'd need to create a gateway that uses their API servers. that isn't something we can provide for within the scope of support,so you would need to advertise for a developer to custom code that for you.

      Marketpress comes with many Gateways, Mollie gateway for instance will work with all the following providers:

      SOFORT Banking
      Bank transfer
      SEPA Direct Debit
      PODIUM Cadeaukaart
      KBC/CBC Payment Button
      Belfius Direct Net

      and the Mijireh Gateway in the plugin supports the following:


      With regards to the hiding options that out of stock, I think we maybe able todothat with a bit of CSS, could you post a link to your store page with product that has out of stock variations? so I can view the dropdown css on your theme.

      However, The latest Marketpress has a lot of fixes included & we are hoping to release this shortly.


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