outdated instruction?

In the instructions for membership i found this:

“For security, the membership plugin is set up to provide it’s membership options only to the default admin account in WordPress on activation. For many reasons, you may be using an account other than ‘admin’. To use an alternate name just log in via FTP and look for the following file: membership/membershipincludes/includes/membership-config.php You’ll want to edit the file so that line 23 contains your admin username. Save the file with your changes and you should be good to go.”

Is this change still necessary? (seems it would be line 25 now)

(I don’t use the name ‘admin’:wink: I see no difference in the admin section when i make this change. (on line 25)

Do I still need to make this change or is this instruction outdated?

And if i do, will I need to make this change after every update?