Outlined multisite www.domain.tld new site install instructions after using multi-domains

Hi gang,

I only have one of my brains wrapped around these great ideas you folks have mastered.

One of my goals is to bootstrap my social networking website: Lifebrightener.com, through the leveraging of my domain marketing efforts of at least 455 domains I currently have in my inventory. The idea is to build value for the domains worth for auction, while pulling in affiliate marketing dollars with Amazon, Google, eBay, WPMU, GoDaddy, (oh hell, I am a whore, don't you know it? You all get it.

I have gotten an executive level account at GoDaddy; so I have access to good support. I have an SSL, and a dedicated IP on an unlimited shared hosting account- overkill. I have set up my domains as sub-directories of my single MS install, which is also my only hosting domain (the SSL & dedicated IP.)

I would love to blast out SEO rich (www.herohealer.com, http://www.counselmore.com, http://www.goodydaddy.com, etc.), as opposed to (http://herohealer.com, http://counselmore.com, http://goodydaddy.com, etc.) However, if it resolves the same way, I really could care less, so long as if it doesn't stop the customer from typing in http://www.????.com.

Now, it seems like I have multi-domain down pat. I can generate simple http://www.goodydaddy.com, or just plain old goodydaddy.com. But, when I go into the SuperAdmin area to create a new site, then select either http://www.goodydaddy.com, or goodydaddy.com, I am forced to enter a value in the area to the right of the domain name beyond the / (or path.) Otherwise, I recDear User,

Your new Life Brightener Lights site has been successfully set up at:

You can log in to the administrator account with the following information:
Username: HeadLight
Password: N/A
Login Here: http://goodydaddy.com/wp/wp-login.php

We hope you enjoy your new site.

--The Team @ Life Brightener Lights
ieve a missing, or invalid site name error.

I am using the domain mapping tool with the dedicated ip address, and have set up the A record for goodydaddy.com with the *. Despite getting a positive result of a new site created, and an email from the system indicating that the site was created, I am receiving a 500 internal server error.

Please help.