output truncated in a group

We are facing a strange issue with a Buddypress group at Hpathy.com.


Out of all the groups, in one particular group, the page output gets truncated midway, in forum and members tab (not in any other tab).

If the forum page has to show 20 threads, the output stops at the 7th thread. The sidebar and the footer also do not load on that page.

Here is a link to that specific forum


Here is a test login that is subscribed to this group

testman / mantest1

This is a closed group. If I set it as open for testing, the home page of the group doesn’t show any group activity. It just says no activity found.

Can an expert here look into this and advise what to do.

Since this is happening with just 1 group out of 40, I am unable to identify the issue.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Just took a quick look at your site and was navigating around but now its going slow for me and not loading so I can’t see what happening there…

    Maybe my connection but let me know if there are issues there? Happened after the url change but clearing cache the site doesn’t seem to respond for me.

    Just out of interest does this happen within the detail BuddyPress theme?


  • Hpathy
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I dont know what happens with the default buddypress theme. Since ours is basically a CMS site (buddypress was added later), we cannot use the dfault bp theme. Have used Salutation theme, which is bp compatible by default.

    If it were theme related, then it would happen to all groups. But it is happening to just this ONE group.

    I figured out this could be a php memory issue as this was a big and active group so I increased the php memory limit in php.ini significantly on our server. This seems to resolve the problem but the group is still slow to load.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    This is most likely a code and server issue. Truncated content can happen if you are using phpcgi, like with nginx or lightspeed. PHPcgi exits part way through sending the content to the webserver with improper error codes, so the webserver thinks all was well and sends it on to the browser.

    Things that can make php die:

    – out of memory (something inefficient in the script/plugins)

    – script timeout (something inefficient in the script/plugins)

    – php error (in your case it sounds like not it)

    First off I would try to identify the source of the issue, probably by deactivating plugins one by one, or if you can profile the code somehow to see what is actually holding things up that would be better.

    Second, the first issue is identifying a server config issue where your webserver is not properly responding to phpcgi errors, it should be sending an error page not partial content. Your host or sysadmin should be able to look at that.

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