Over-riding Full Width Template

If I use this plugin with the Network theme and create a page using the full width tempate - it over-rides anything I try to put on that page.

When I create a page with the blog-news template - it adds whatever I have put on that page to the feed as a post. Auto Blog is mixed in with it all.

This can't be right, can it? I can't create any page now unless I'm using the default template.


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    Hi David

    Question: ...are you on the latest versions of WordPress and Autoblog? And is this a Multisite?

    Answer: Yes to all

    Question: That said, the page content that you're entering is getting posted to the rss feed, correct?

    It doesn't seem to be showing up anywhere at this point, no.

    Question: If you deactivate Autoblog, does that sort the issue?

    Answer: No, and it's weird. I've disabled it and even deleted the plugin but the old feed still appears on any new full width pages created. I've disabled all plugins now, as well as re-installing the Network theme from scratch. It's still pulling old posts into the page.

    I'm thinking I might do a completely fresh install on a spare domain and see if I see the same thing. Both sites I'm seeing this on had multiple plugins - though zero changes made (by me) to the core theme or database. I'm stumped as to what is causing this. If I start over and go plugin by plugin, maybe I can sort it out.

    I'll let you know what I find. It will be a couple of days though.



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    UPDATE: I found some time today so I tested this again.

    I'm now positive that there is a problem here. I'm going to list what I have going on.

    WordPress 3.2.1
    Multi-Site setup
    Autoblog 3.6
    Network 1.7.1
    No other plugins installed
    Twenty Eleven is the only other theme installed

    With the Twenty Eleven theme running, Autoblog only uses 1 template file - the 'Showcase' template. Others appear to work normally. Everything seems fine.


    Now I switch to a fresh install of the Network theme.

    With a test page the 'default' template works as expected.
    The 'blog news' template shows the feed
    Now I switch the page to the 'full width' template. The feed is on there too.

    Finally I create a new page, name it and populate it with Lorem Ipsum, just because I always get a kick out of reading Lorem Ipsum (The ending always surprises me) ; ).

    I set the page to the 'full width' template and publish it.

    When I go to view the page I only see the feed. No Lorem Ipsum goodness.


    Final analysis

    Autoblog and the Network theme don't seem to jive right with the setup I've shown above.
    I can't use anything but the default theme for posts and creating custom pages is now impossible.

    When I removed the plugin on my other installation - the template over-ride remained. Even on new pages. That would lead me to believe this is database related, unless I'm mistaken.


    I've replicated this on 3 different installs now. If you follow what I've done, you shouldn't have any trouble seeing it. Otherwise you can look at any of mine.

    The Lorem Ipsum Princess is counting on you all! =)



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    I just installed the Blogs MU template and auto blog works fine with it. (save the rogue code issue)

    This appears to be (another) problem with the Network theme - not the plugin itself. I'm just going to dump Network and run with Blogs MU. Enough is enough.

    If you need any assistance replicating this problem (for a future theme fix) let me know. I will also keep it running with the bugs on at least one of my domains for a while & give you access to it if you need.

    Marking this a resolved. Wrong forum for it anyway - as it turned out. This probably belonged in the Network theme forum. Sorry about that.

    ~ Corey

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