Overall issues with my site

Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me with some issues that we have with our site.
The issues are:
-The layout is all over the place when is mobile version and when the site is open using Firefox( this doesn't happen with google). for example, the end of some paragraphs don't match. Some words go to the next line on their own. It looks very untidy
- On the mobile version the login bottom does not show
- On the sing up page I would like to be able where it says terms and conditions to be able to click there to open another window with the terms and conditions. At the moment you have to scroll at the end of the page where the footer is to find the terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions are only for our therapists. We don't want to have them on the footer on all the site. We will have the customers terms and condition in the footer instead.
-On the footer I would like to have the our logo( like in the header) and social media icons, like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on.
-I'm using a profile plugin call Ursula, but is all in codes I don't know how to modify the layout or look of the profiles. I would like a plugin like the one they are using on Urban massage for example. But I'm looking for a free plugin.
Our intention is to have a good profile so when our customers are searching for a practitioner the profile will show a picture, a description, of what they do, experience and also where people can see the feedback and review from other customers.
-A way for customers to leave feedback and review after receiving a treatment from our practitioners.
I don't know if I explain myself properly I hope you guys can help with these issues.
We really appreciate you support
looking forward to hear from you soon.
Thank you very much