Overbook 7 days a week and others

Hello there.

Is there a way of doing these 5 things, in the plugin? If so, how?

I know there's much, but i would be VERY happy if you guys could help me. I can't find any booking system for WordPress, with Google Calendar, other than this (I found another plugin, but there was problem with the locale)

1) Overbook function. On my booking system it's allowed to make an appointment over each other. As many as they want.
2) Remove the time for durations for the booking (If there must be a durations, it has to be "1 day")
3) Make an appointment for all 7 days a week - 24 hours a day
4) Remove the bookings from the calender where the users are booking from. The users must NOT see the bookings
5) The users MUST have written in the forms: "Name" "Phone number" "E-mail" "Address" "How many" "Time arrival"

Also, the language file in the language folder (.pot file) is not working with the plugin, or else, it's me.

I've been trying in Linux and Windows with "poedit" - but i can't get it done. I know i can go in to the .php file, but it would be easy in the .pot file. This is not as important than the other 5 things.

Hope you guys can help me. Then my weekend is saved!

Big regards from Denmark
Michael Bay