Override sender email in "Subscribe by Email"


we are starting to send all emails generated by WordPress via our Mandrill account to help with the spam and have a better tracking of what's going on on our blogs.

We used the Global-SMTP plugin which is basically the only one who can override SMTP parameters and "from" email address for all multisites under the installation.

But "Subscribe by Email" isn't playing nice and doesn't want to be overriden, it still sends emails from "no-reply@blogs.sgdf.fr" but I need it to send emails from "webmaster@sgdf.fr".

This behaviour is enforced in inc/settings.php, in the function get_default_network_settings(), line 325, where the 'from_email' parameter is set to 'no-reply@'.$base_domain.

I do not see any option to override this behaviour, and I don't actually understand how it bypasses the global params set by "Global-SMTP" plugin. All the other plugins are using the correct parameters.

I there a way I can override properly this behaviour, as I don't want to change the source code everytime I update the plugin ?