Overwhelmed by Membership! Please help?

Okay, I'm just overwhelmed by all the options that Membership has, and confused by how they all interact. I'm not sure if it's "just one of those days" or what, but I've spent a lot of time with WordPress and am just not wrapping my mind around it. So hopefully somebody can help me out. Here's what I"m trying to accomplish:

Unlike the typical membership site this isn't designed to protect certain content or certain parts of the site. The entire site is private (it's for private family communication), except one page that is presented to non-users or non-logged-in users that allows them to login, register, or click to get their own site. Only one person pays a fee, the person who decides they want to "sponsor" the family site (usually the parent/grandparent who's descendants are using the site). Nobody else pays, but the sponsor. And the sponsor should have the ability to approve users since they know who is and isn't family (though maybe the registration code will work sufficiently). Can I set things up like this with Membership?

This is where I wish that Membership worked at the Network level. I wish that I could set it up at the network level so that when a new family sponsor signed up to pay the monthly payment, the result was a site created for them. As it is, it appears that the plugin's settings have to be replicated on each new site.

Can somebody please guide me as to how do go about setting this up? I've started some things, but am not even sure I'm headed the right direction. I really need somebody who understands the plugin well, to understand what I'm trying to do, and guide me, or tell me it can't be done (if that's the case).

EDIT: to help clarify: The Multisite Privacy plugin has this option "Allow only subscribers or users of the site to view it." That's what I want. Then also to make it so new users can register to get access, but only have access once they've been approved by the site admin (family member who's paying for the site), or if they use the correct registration code--either one will work.

  • Mason
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    Hiya Tevya Washburn,

    Ok, I think I understand what you're trying to do, but I'm gonna throw a bit of a wrench at it.

    Have you considered Pro Sites? While I think you could accomplish what you're wanting with Membership, it seems to me that Pro Sites + Multisite Privacy + New Blog Templates could actually do it much more easily.

    Pro Sites allows you to charge 1 person in order to create a site. That person has complete control over the site (as much as you allow) and could add other users (family members) in order to provide them with access.

    New Blog Templates would allow you to provide a completely custom experience for your individual sites by default. Would this do the trick for you?

    Let us know. Membership can work Network-wide, but you have to install it using global rules by adding the following to your wp-config file:
    define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', true);
    Then follow the steps here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/membership-enabling-global-tables-after-it-has-been-activated#post-170578

    I'd still recommend going with Pro Sites as I think it's more inline with what you want to do, but membership may also be able to technically get the job done.

    Let us know if we can assist further here.


  • Tevya
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    Thank you Mason!

    This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I posted previously and was pointed to Membership (but I didn't explain as clearly as I did here, so it may have been my fault). I'll give that a try.

    You say "That person has complete control over the site (as much as you allow) and could add other users (family members) in order to provide them with access" is there a way with either Multisite Privacy or Pro sites to allow people to either allow people to register but require a unique code (per site) to complete the registration? OR to allow the the person that pays for the site to approve/deny each new user?

  • Tevya
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    UPDATE: I just found this: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/signup-code which will allow me to set a signup code for users, I believe.

    UPDATE 2: It appears that only lets me set one network-wide code for all sites. I'd like to set a per-site code.

    Also, this is getting me whole lot closer to what I want. Thanks so much. But it seems it's all setup around each new user setting up their own blog/site. What I really want is just the paid the users to sign up for a site. Whereas free users will not have their own site, but will be signing up for one of the existing (paid) sites.

    Right now when someone visits a site, example: http://francomfam.fiddlerfamilies.com it encourages them to login. If they register, it defaults to creating their own new site. I don't want to encourage that. When they visit an individual site like this, I want to encourage them to sign up for a free membership to that site only. Is this possible?

    On a related note, what should my settings be under Network Admin>Settings>Network Settings>Registration Settings? If I set it to "User Accounts May Be registered" will that prevent new customers from paying for a new site? Or does Pro Sites override that?

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