"Packages" or "plans" for Appointments+ and Events+

I want to be able to offer packages or plans to my customers, rather than charging them for each individual appointment and class.

I want to use appointments+ and events+ to take bookings for appointments and classes, but I am wondering if there is a way to sell packages and plans with these plugins?

For example, a plan would be something like "take any number of classes in a month" and it would have a per month cost, rather than clients paying for individual classes.

And a package might be something like "get 4 classes for $100" rather than them paying $30 for each class.

Is there any way I can automate these different payment options?

An excellent example of a site which does this is frontdeskhq.com

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tom,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    You could use the MarketPress integration and allow them to check out with all the appointments/events they want at one time then provide them with a coupon to get a discount.

    However, we don't currently support restricting the coupon based on amount of cart items - that is on the feature request list though :slight_smile:

    Another option you may prefer here would be to use Protected Content. Then you can protect an Appointments calendar that offers free appointments, but only users who have purchased the 1 month pass membership can access it. You could also protect events if you like and offered them in the same fashion. So you can package some events and all appointments together or you could also make a calendar only showing a specific service - so combine different options that way.

    You would need to mix up services a little bit to offer both paid and free for the same service though.

    Let me know what you think of this and if it would work for your needs :slight_smile:


  • Tom

    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for that.

    Using Marketpress wouldn't really work, as I want them to be able to purchase plans or packages up front, and then book in when they have time. I don't want them to have to book at the same time as making the purchase.

    Using Protected Content would work for services, at least for the monthly plans, but it wouldn't work for "packages".

    It also wouldn't work for events, as I want the same events viewable to both people with and without the plans/packages. I don't want to have to create separate events for people who have plans and those that don't....

    I am actually thinking of creating a multisite platform using pro sites around this functionality - so maybe it's something I should consider getting custom developed?

    Would you recommend trying to customize appointments+ and events+, or should I look into creating a whole new plugin?



  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Tom,

    I'm not too much of a developer myself; however, I think customizing the checkouts of the plugins may be the easiest method; however, upcoming updates could mess with your customizations right - so longterm, creating a new plugin might be a better option.

    We do plan on adding ecommerce support to Protected Content. We've been looking into integration with both MarketPress and WooCommerce.

    We also have a major update to Pro Sites checkout coming out, so I would hold off on any customizations to that until it releases, which will hopefully be soon - just finishing up the gateways at this point.

    Hope this helps!


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