Page Alignment Bug >> BP- Corporate

Hoping anyone can provide some helpful info with BP-Corporate Theme during this Holiday :slight_smile:

I installed a WP plugin called

recently :slight_frown:

But as soon as I activated the plug-in - it ruined the appearance of my fonts/css & shifted the entire theme layout upwards.

So I immediately deactivated / uninstalled / deleted the plug-in completely without so much as confguring, or even using.

Unfortunately, now I have weird template 'shifting' problem which only affects WP 'pages'.

Apparently, now a 42 pix margin & and 70 pix worth of padding around my content is being added to all 'Pages' which is creating a HUGE white space between the footer and the very bottom of the browser - and i'm not sure how.

The rest of the UI (in every other section) aligns properly, as expected.

I am not quite sure how to resolve.
I'm hoping it's probably just something really, really simple I overlooked / need to do.

BTW, I copied the original page.php, adminbar.css & base.css files back up to my server, but the problem still exists - but only on WP 'Pages' not Posts.

I even had my 'web host' restore a backup of the entire site from 2 days ago, but no luck. Pages are still shifting around.

Attached is a screenshot.
Any help / insight is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
+ Happy Holidays!