Page Classifieds – Showing All Post Statuses

Hi Support

I have installed the classifieds plugin with WordPress and Buddypress, and added in a few test ads. (some private, some drafts, and some that were “ended”:wink:. When I view the Classifieds landing page instead of only showing me the “published” posts it shows all post_status types.

We have coded up a search widget that adds an action to “pre_get_posts” but this only kicks in when the page reloads and a few $_GET vars are found, so Im pretty sure its not that affecting it.

Could you Point me to where in the plugin (if any) filters that act on the page-classifieds page, so i could test and see if there are working 100%. At least then i can see its its our custom code that’s not working.

I am happy to provide a username and password as the site is currently set to “private”.

Current Set Up

WordPress 3.5.1

BuddyPress 1.6.4

Theme is Canvas 5.1.3 (we created a child theme and move page-classifieds.php into the theme)

Thanks in advance