Page content not updating

After installing Hummingbird plugin, my site page content is not showing actual content.

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    Hey there Tammy,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for reaching us! :slight_smile:

    This is happening most probably due to the Minification module of HummingBird plugin.
    As you can also read in its usage page here (under the "Minification" subtitle)

    It’s a good rule of thumb to give your site a quick test after each optimization step to make sure all pages and elements are loading as they should. While WP Hummingbird is compatible with most WordPress installations, themes or plugins coded outside WordPress standards may see broken elements with Javascript minified. If something breaks, don’t stress. Revert your site to it’s original state at anytime using the clear button in the header on the WP Hummingbird dashboard page.

    Every time you install new plugins or themes, you’ll need to run the re-check files feature so you can pick up and minify the new files – otherwise they can drag your performance down!

    Having said that, if minification settings is causing some theme related issues, you should be able to filter the theme files and exclude them from "minify" and "combine" and enqueue those in their "original position" instead of footer (don't toggle the "include" options as this will de-enqueue the asset and it won't be loaded at all!).
    If issues are concerning a plugin functionality, you should replicate previous steps for assets (scripsts&styles) of this specific plugin.

    If you still find troubles fine-tuning this, please grant us with support access to your website via WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin as described here (no need to share credentials):

    We could then have a look and try to fix this for you, if it doesn't surpass the scope of our support forums.

    Finally, here's a great resource from our blog about render-blocking issues:

    Warm regards,

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