“Page does not exist” after adding new subdomain sitee in my network blog

Hello. Last year, I have set up my blog to be a network site so that I can add subdomain-hosted sites under the same domain (all of them maintained by me, so no other users involved). I was able to add my first subdomain site successfully (https://symmetry.adriculous.life) last year. Today, I want to add a new network site (https://hyakudays.adriculous.life), however, when I try to click on the Dashboard or even preview the site, it’s giving me a “Page does not exist” error on the browser.

I haven’t done any changes ever since the first subdomain site I added and it should work with another added site. I don’t understand what went wrong? I didn’t add any subdomains on my cPanel or anywhere else before adding the new site. I just went straight to my network dashboard and went through the “Add Site” process.

Please help? The main domain is https://adriculous.life

Thank you.