Page not refreshing after clicking on submit in an event and no items added in cart

We're using Events to take registrations for Classes. When they click the Submit button, nothing happens, but if they reload the page they appear currently registered.

And when I register for the class and go to make the payment it takes me to the cart but says the cart is empty.

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello forthgear,

    I'm trying to replicate this issue on your site now, but I'm not able. I created new user from admin access, then logged out admin user.
    I went to the event page, clicked Register, insert my new subscribers credentials, clicked submit, after few moments page refreshed and then I clicked link to get to cart and there was product in the cart:

    I also tested registering directly from the Event page and I was still able to add product to cart.

    Can you try this with new user on your side and let me know if this works? If now, can you tell me what browser and system you are using?

    kind regards,

  • forthgear
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I just tested it again on Firefox and Chrome on the Mac with the same problem. With an existing user, when I try to login during the registration process, clicking submit appears to do nothing. The Login screen just stays there. But if I refresh the page I am actually logged in.

    InFirefox if I try to pay for the event the item shows up in the cart. But for some reason in Chrome the cart says there are no items.


  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there forthgear,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind me chim in here! :slight_smile:

    I was able to see the same thing as you and my colleague Oguz did in your website, using both Chrome and Firefox in macSierra.
    I then tried to replicate in a local site of mine, with no avail though. Using strictly latest WP version, TwentySeventeen theme, WPMUDEV Dashboard, Events+ and MarketPress, user login was being successful in both aforementioned browsers.

    What I'd like you to do here, is a complete conflict test, meaning that you should first test only by using above theme and plugins, then start adding the rest of plugins and theme (one by one) and test until you recreate the issue. Below is a nice flow chart image that can further assist you on this:

    As this is a live site, and this test may need some more time, I'd strongly advise to create a staging environment first, meaning a complete and exact copy of this installation into another location/folder in the same server, using a separate database. This could be used safely for conducting above test. Some hosting providers are already having tools to automate that, you can also use a plugin like this one, that's if you don't want to follow the "manual" way by copying files and database into a fresh WP installation.

    Let us know how that goes! :slight_smile:
    Warm regards,

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