Page Pagination in Marketpress

I have created a website at with the marketpress plugin as the shopping area. Under the Store Settings tab>Presentation, I set the paginate Products to Yes and 20 products per page. When I create a page, I am using the shortcode [mp_list_products paginate="true" per_page="100" order_by="title" order="asc" category="womens-styles"]... (NOTE: I have set per page to a variety of numbers without helping).

I've also tried [mp_list_products category="womens-styles"] thinking that it would use the default settings. Again, it paginated the right number (20) but there's not a "Next" button at the bottom to see the remaining products.

The products paginate to the appropriate number either way but there's not a "Next" at the bottom of the page so that people can see the remaining products no matter what I do.

In this example (women's styles) there are 373 items. How do I get a page number or "Next" or SOMETHING to display so my visitors can see all products?