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With the 2.1 release of the plugin, custom post types are now being indexed. Great! But why still not pages? Pages are valuable content to be indexed, aren't they? Is there a good reason for this or is this just an oversight? (line 233 of post-indexer.php)

Same question for the taxonomies (line 278): why only categories and post tags?

Additionally, why do not apply the 'the_content' filter on the indexed post's content? The content filtered this way is worth being indexed (shortcodes, etc.) and this filter cannot be applied afterwards (on search for example) since it may not have the same behavior (not the same set of activated plugins because on the main site). Maybe another field in the database if there are issues with putting it in the current field?

I already raised those issues in an outdated topic so I preferred to open up a new one here.


  • DavidM

    Hi asimetrick,

    First off, thanks for your feedback! Regarding Pages, as the name of the plugin would indicate, it wasn't really designed for Page indexing. I couldn't find any member requests on that as a feature, so I'm guessing that's why it hasn't been included at this point.

    As for taxonomies, that's been brought up a couple times, and basically, it would require some customization of the plugin code to achieve currently. I don't see that a formal request has been made for taxonomy inclusion and similar to Page inclusion, I'm guessing that's why it hasn't been taken up as yet.

    Similarly, I couldn't find mention of the_content filter in past topics and it may just be that no one has brought that up as a concern.

    We can move this over to the feature suggestion forum if you like. Though it may be best to have separate requests on these items given their specificity.

    What do ya think?


  • asimetrick

    Hi David.

    Thank you for your quick answer, as always.

    Regarding pages, that's exactly what Barry said in the original topic: But it was before the 2.1 release that supports all other custom types. That's why I really find relevant and consistent to not exclude pages anymore. And I do need them indexed as you can imagine! :slight_smile:

    So is it a bug or a new feature? Whatever, just please try to include it the next release.

    Regarding taxonomies, you're right, I don't think either it has ever been requested. But couldn't it be a cause for some of the reported issues by other members?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but in my mind, the WP taxonomy model is very generic (categories and post tags are nothing else but instances of this model in WP 3) so I don't see any required customization. I know Barry said that in the same topic, but I'd really be interested in knowing more about that required customization.

    Anyway, let's put this as a new feature.

    Regarding the 'the_content' filter, I remember a topic with someone asking why her shortcodes were not rendered and with one of you guys answering the shortcode filter was just not applied. Anyway, I can't find the topic anymore and I agree it would be a new feature, especially if a new field is to be added in the database.

    So all right, I'll post these 3 items in the feature suggestion forum. I know you don't commit on any ETA, but could you just tell me if you're currently working on a coming soon 2.2 release?


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