Page post type – Taxonomies – Filtered content


With the 2.1 release of the plugin, custom post types are now being indexed. Great! But why still not pages? Pages are valuable content to be indexed, aren’t they? Is there a good reason for this or is this just an oversight? (line 233 of post-indexer.php)

Same question for the taxonomies (line 278): why only categories and post tags?

Additionally, why do not apply the ‘the_content’ filter on the indexed post’s content? The content filtered this way is worth being indexed (shortcodes, etc.) and this filter cannot be applied afterwards (on search for example) since it may not have the same behavior (not the same set of activated plugins because on the main site). Maybe another field in the database if there are issues with putting it in the current field?

I already raised those issues in an outdated topic so I preferred to open up a new one here.