Page redirect mysteriously gone


For logged out users, my home page ( used to redirect to my coming soon page (, now this function disappeared. I've checked my site to find out what might have caused this, but didn't find anything -thought it could be one of my mu plugins, but I didn't find anything regarding this either. Nevertheles, I've found out it has something to do with a plugin I use, named Page Restrict, that redirects logged out users to that /coming-soon-page; when you go to edit a page, you see a checkbox below the text panel that allows you to block that page for logged out users -I just don't remember what I've done to get the marked pages to redirect to /coming-soon-page, but the fact is that they're doing it, as intended. Any way I can get it done for my home page?

As you probably will need it: I've sent my login credentials with Adam's name on it like 3 weeks ago.

Thanks! :slight_smile: