Page Speed Dramatically Increases with Multisite Privacy

The last plugin I have added to my site has been the Multisite Privacy plugin. There has been no further plugins added after. For a few days into using the plugin, it performed fine, however today I have been experiencing huge slow downs in page load speeds. Up to almost a minute. I stared deactivating the plugins and as soon as I deactivated multisite privacy, the page speed across the entire multisite network went back to normal.

Here are some details of page speed results from:

Google Dev. Insights:

With plugin active: 32/100
When deactivated: 82/100 (I took this test seconds after the deactivation).


With plugin active: 49 sec. approximately page load time - measured to be slower than 80-90% of all tested websites
When deactivated: 402ms - Website is faster than 98% of all tested websites

This is a great plugin. What can be done about this so it has a little or no effect on the page load speed? Can this please be looked into?