Page Speed Dramatically Increases with Multisite Privacy

The last plugin I have added to my site has been the Multisite Privacy plugin. There has been no further plugins added after. For a few days into using the plugin, it performed fine, however today I have been experiencing huge slow downs in page load speeds. Up to almost a minute. I stared deactivating the plugins and as soon as I deactivated multisite privacy, the page speed across the entire multisite network went back to normal.

Here are some details of page speed results from:

Google Dev. Insights:

With plugin active: 32/100

When deactivated: 82/100 (I took this test seconds after the deactivation).


With plugin active: 49 sec. approximately page load time – measured to be slower than 80-90% of all tested websites

When deactivated: 402ms – Website is faster than 98% of all tested websites

This is a great plugin. What can be done about this so it has a little or no effect on the page load speed? Can this please be looked into?



  • Nimruzir
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Ari,

    yes I have already tested that with the p3 profiler. It actually didn’t indicate that it was the multisite plugin taking most of the load time but rather the domain mapping plugin which I also have installed.

    The reason why I have mentioned multisite privacy is because, I was trying to access the site with low page speeds for hours, and the very instant I deactivated that plugin, the speed went back to normal.

    Non the less though, I will get a screenshot for you…



  • Nimruzir
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Here is a screenshot of a the scan I performed recently. Also below is some details I export from the plugin.

    WordPress Plugin Profile Report


    Report date: March 5, 2014

    Theme name: Twenty Fourteen

    Pages browsed: 1

    Avg. load time: 0.6556 sec

    Number of plugins: 13

    Plugin impact: 71.56% of load time

    Avg. plugin time: 0.4691 sec

    Avg. core time: 0.1674 sec

    Avg. theme time: 0.0096 sec

    Avg. mem usage: 62.25 MB

    Avg. ticks: 5,110

    Avg. db queries : 51.00

    Margin of error : 0.0094 sec

    Plugin list:


    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – 0.0091 sec – 1.93%

    Domain Mapping plugin – 0.1759 sec – 37.49%

    Gravity Forms – 0.0635 sec – 13.54%

    Multi-Domains for Multisite – 0.0061 sec – 1.29%

    Multisite Privacy – 0.0219 sec – 4.66%

    Snapshot – 0.0395 sec – 8.41%

    Tt Cloudflare Wpmu Plugin – 0.0002 sec – 0.05%

    W3 Total Cache – 0.0596 sec – 12.70%

    Wordfence Security – 0.0498 sec – 10.61%

    Wpmudev Updates – 0.0061 sec – 1.30%

    Change Wp Mail From Details – 0.0014 sec – 0.29%

    CloudFlare – 0.0030 sec – 0.64%

    Elegant Themes Updater – 0.0331 sec – 7.06%



  • Nimruzir
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    hey again Ari,

    I just thought I would let you know. The site seems to run fine for awhile, and so I left the plugin activated. Just recently though speed has increased again.

    I deactivated the privacy plugin again, and immediately the speed when back. Testing on Google and Pingdom was so much better when that plugin was deactivated. Please help :slight_smile:



  • aristath
    • Recruit

    hello gain @Nimruzir,

    I tested this on one of my sites and the privacy plugin didn’t have any effect on my pingdom scores or its loading time!

    Perhaps it’s a combination of the privacy plugin with one of the other plugins you have installed?

    Could you please try deactivating those and leave the privacy plugin enabled just to test this?



  • Nimruzir
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Ari,

    Thanks for looking into this for me.

    I have since seen that in fact it was not the privacy plugin. As after at least 24 hours of having it deactivated, the site was still causing speed issues. I have not been able to solve the issue.

    For other reasons though, I am have had to update and create a new site, therefore I no longer need to look into this.

    I will mark this ticket as closed and let you know if anything pops up again in the future.

    Thanks for you’re help in this again.



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