Page Speed Still Not Good

I have optimised the website and when testing it is still 62/100. Google mentions compressing images but in the backend I have completed this.
Can you please check what else I can do as this is really important.

  • Dimitris

    Hello there Matt,

    I used our external crawler WP Checkup
    and noticed that the reported images that need optimisation, are reporting that need compressing and resizing .
    This means that the reported images are being used in homepage inside containers that's much smaller than the actual image dimensions. For example, next image is inside a 370*246px container, while actual dimensions are 1024*682px.

    Smush can handle only the "compressing" part, as it makes no resizing (it can only do that if you enable the "Resize my full size images" option).

    So, in order to surpass that, you should either:
    - contact theme author about it, so the proper image sizes are used
    - resize/crop the reported images to match the container dimensions (please keep in mind that resizing/cropping an image, will affect all other posts/pages that's being used, apart from homepage). More info on how to resize images from WP admin:

    Warm regards,

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