Page/Post Content Update Review Process and Contributor Groups?

I just recently got a new job as a web admin. They’re currently using a very complex CMS (closed source and expensive) that’s complete overkill for their (our) needs. It means there’s a huge cost in time and paid training every time a new person needs to learn to update content or, in cases like mine, manage the entire website.

I’d like to make a case to them, that we should at least seriously consider a switch to WordPress, for all the reasons you’re all familiar with.

However, one of the key things I’ve never done (and I’ve done a lot with WP) that might pose a concern is a workflow to allow certain users or groups of users to only edit/update certain content according to their division, etc.

I found a couple of good plugins, one of which should work to manage the approval process (myself and the PR guy have to approve design and written content, respectively).

BUT I can’t seem to find any good plugins to manage who can edit certain pages, their sub-pages, etc. I did find “Press Permit” which has a addon that allows you to do this: However, the entire Press Permit plugin just seems really clunky and way more complicated than it needs to be. Does anyone else know of any plugins that allow you to control who can edit specific pages/posts/etc???

The Groups plugin and various member plugins do very good at managing who can see content on the front end, but I need similar functionality for who can edit certain content on the back-end.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @Tevya Washburn,

    Press permit is probably the best option for this.

    However, you could also use a plugin such as

    Which would allow you to restrict user roles so they can only add/edit posts/pages in specific categories only. So each division could essentially be a category, so then you could assign/create a user role for each division, and then allow only that user role permissions to edit posts/pages in that category only.

    Hope this helps

  • Tevya
    • Recruit

    Restrict categories is a start, but doesn’t go far enough.

    After posting here, I asked the dev behind the Groups plugin if he’d consider adding a feature where we could restrict who can edit a page/post in the same way the plugin restricts who can view it on the front-end:

    As you’ll see there, he’s considering adding it. If you look at the comment thread above mine, he’s also considering adding a feature where you could give users the ability to add other users to their group. Another nice feature in adding full CMS-style user and content editing/viewing features to WP.

    I’m going to mark as resolved under the hope that he adds those things. However, if anyone else runs across this and has thoughts/ideas/plugins/etc, please let me know. Obviously it’s not solved yet, and there may be a better way out there.

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