Page/Post ID-specific meta boxes how-to & more field types request.


I'm wondering, using CustomPress, is there any way to make a custom field only show in a certain page or post, and be hidden in all others? ie; only the home page. I'm comfortable (but not great) with code, and found this great article: but I'm not sure how to implement it with Custompress - Could I add an option (to content-types.php?) for the home page ID so that it shows up under 'Post Type' when editing/creating a custom field?

Also, I've seen the request before; couldn't find it right now, but I'd like to request more field types.
Take a look at Magic Fields for an example of 15 field types and 'groups', where custom fields can be duplicated on a per post basis - great features. That plugin just isn't updated frequently enough to be used in a production environment though. (Pretty please?)