Pages aren't copying from one site to another (Multisite Content Copier)

Followed each step of the wizard to a "T," copying a specific set of pages (media and press releases) from blog A (subdomain) to blog B (main site).

Visit the main site but the pages aren't there.

Ironically, pages from blog B (the main site) are now showing up in the page directory of blog A. They are NOT the pages I selected, however.

Plz advise.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Terry

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Hmm, something strange does appear to be going on on my test install as well. For some reason, I cannot copy content from a sub-site to the main site either.

    I could have sworn the plugin did work that way when we were developing it, but now I'm not so sure, lol. I'm waiting for feedback from the developer on that.

    However, I have never gotten the opposite effect aqs you describe: set content to be copied from a sub-site to the main site, and wind up with content rom the main site being copied to the sub-site.

    Are you absolutely certain that you first selected the source site, then the destination site afterwards?

  • Terry

    Hi @Patrick

    I went back and looked at it again. The content pages from the main site are not the same one as I had on the subsite. We used to be that we would have an annual list for a product line on the main site, long before we had a subsite. Then, once we had the subsite, we transitioned that content there. They are similarly titled, but not the same.

    Thanks for the nudge to go back and dig a little deeper.

    Looking forward to what the developer says.

  • Ignacio

    Hi @Terry.

    Multisite Content Copier cannot copy content right now because copying content to main site usually brings some issues that we've not fully tested yet. However you can allow it but you'll need to modify a line in the code.

    Open wp-content/plugins/multisite-content-copier/admin/pages/network-admin-page.php and you'll see the following line in line no. 871:

    if ( $dest_blog_id != $src_blog_id && ! is_main_site( $dest_blog_id ) )

    You just need to remove "&& ! is_main_site( $dest_blog_id )" thing so you'll have the following line:

    if ( $dest_blog_id != $src_blog_id )

    That way, the plugin will copy stuff to the main site (usually with ID = 1 ).


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