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We are not actually allowing users to sign up and pay using this plugin, just using it to protect content and set up levels. Do I need to keep the pages that the plugin creates? For SEO purposes I would like them to not exist. There are pages for Registering, memberships, protected content, account and registration complete.

Will it cause any issues if i delete those?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hello, mccawphoto!

    Even if you aren't charging users, you'll still need several, if not all of those pages for Protected Content to provide content protection and member levels, unless all memberships will be assigned manually after a user joins via the standard user registration page. Here's what those pages do:

    Register - this is a custom user registration page that allows users to pick a membership level, either paid or free, they'd like to belong to.
    Memberships - this is a list of your available levels. If members can move freely between levels, they can change which level they're a member of here, or have multiple memberships. (With the Multiple Membership Protected Content Add On enabled.)
    Protected Content - this is the page that shows to a user who does not have sufficient permissions to view the content on the page. You'll need this page if there's any content you don't want some users or visitors to see.
    Account - this is the member's information page that lists their current level, how long that membership is set to last, and the ability to change levels.
    Registration Complete - This is the page new members see after registering via the Protected Content Registration page.

    You can delete the pages you don't need, but you might see a nag message asking you to set them up.

    Thanks for your question!

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @mccawphoto,

    I'd rather say that you need Protected Content page which will be used to display protection message for members who do not have access to content.

    If you're looking to add members manually I don't see any reason to keep membership page as well. This page simply displays list of available levels, If you don't allow people to switch levels there is also no need for this page.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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