Pages do not appear in page manager listing

Hello All,

The following relates to 3 multiste intstallations running WPMS 3.0.4 and all updates plus all WPMU updates - you know.. the good stuff :slight_smile: - They all have the same plugin sets installed. Each site uses a different main themes and a variety of themes across subsites.

The issue occurred while I was installing and configuring the membership, custompress and supporter plugins on the three sites.

Unfortunately, I did not notice when during the installation that it occurred until I went to edit a page and none appeared in the page manager. (Screen Shot) However the page qtys at the top of the page manager correctly indicate the qty of pages on the site and the pages display correctly on the sites.

I then checked the second installation and no pages appeared in that site's page manager. The third installation's pages still appeared in that site's page manager.

A search for pages on the affected sites also returns no results.

The symptom is the same for every individual site on each affected multisite installation.

I have tried removing and reinstalling the plugins, changing themes, etc, and am unable to get pages to reappear in the page manager listing. After much comparison of the two malfunctioning sites to the fully functioning site, the only other difference discovered so far is that the editor toolbar does not display properly on the malfunctioning sites, but it displays fine on the other. (Screen shots attached)

I am not sure what I should even be looking for to solve this issue, so any assistance would be appreciated.

Phil Duncan

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    Hello All,

    Relative to the missing pages issue above, what table and records in the database control whether or not a page appears listed in the page manager? I even tried a database restore to an earlier time with no change.

    Additional info: Page related plugins fail to load. My Page Order - CMS Tree Page View
    Both these plugins return a very short error message (cannot load ... ) The unloadable reference looks like a page name that they are failing to load.

    However these plugins hook into wordpress appears to be failing, so to those more knowledgable than I, it seems that new information might possibly suggest where the missing pages issue could be originating from.

    New pages that are created appear in the page qty at the top of the page manager, but they do not appear in the page manager listing.

    Does that suggest the issue is theme or some other php script related?

    What common denominator would cause this issue to affect every site on an MS installation?

    Since the search feature will not retrieve a page or pages, what field or table would it be searching on?
    Perhaps that table is missing?


    Phil D

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    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks. I did perform a reinstall of Wordpress (through the updates panel of Wordpress) on one of the affected sites with no change in the issue.

    I looked for an error log on the server via ftp and found none on either of the affected sites. Gee I guess things are so squeaky clean that an error log has not yet been generated. :slight_smile: Or do I need to change a setting somewhere to force generate one?

    I have begun inspecting the default tables associated with a fresh installation as specified here in the codex, but since a database restore did not change the symptoms, I doubt this will reveal anything new.

    Is it possible that an .htaccess configuration issue could be the culprit?
    The other day, an unexpected change in an .htaccess file broke the thumbnails in the media library and resulted in new pages reporting they could not be found even though their urls were valid.
    Once the .htaccess file was reconfigured everything returned to normal.

    Any other suggestions?

    Phil D

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    Replaced .htaccess with known valid one and no change.

    So in looking through the codex,
    If I understand this functionality, the default list of pages in the wp page manger might be generated by:

    <?php wp_list_pages( $args ); ?>
    (and additional specifications)

    located somewhere.... but where? Seems like it has gone missing. Seems like if the function was occurring, the content (page list) would be displaying.

    The only thing that seems to be missing from the page manager (see previous screenshots) is the content (the page list). All the other functionality seems to be present.

    If a plugin hooked into the page manager to modify the functionality, how and where might it have done so? (I am not familair with php programming techniques)

    Overwriting all default wordpress files with new install files did not change anything.
    Deactivating all plugins did not change anything.
    Changing themes did not change anything.

    Any insights would be appreciated.

    Phil D

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