Pages loading prior fonts, then the custom ones


I have recently noticed in my live preview that when I load any of my pages, there is a brief initial load with all of the (what appear to be) default fonts and formats, then all of my customisation takes place.

See screen shot 'Initial' and 'Final' for comparison.

One of my colleagues has taken a look into this and thinks this may have something to do with each page loading the following script almost last and has suggested moving this into the head tags.

<script type='text/javascript'>WebFontConfig={google:{families:["Montserrat:regular"]}};</script>

Unfortunately I'm not too sure how I would approach doing this?

It also appears that we are loading the font 'Roboto' 4 times? Is there a way to correct this and only have it load once?

Can you please advise how I would be best going about having my page load as smoothly as possible, without appearing to display the default formats first?

Please let me know if you need anymore information. I have also granted support access should you need it.

Thanks! :slight_smile: