Pagination - Explanation?

Hi Guys,

Can you explain how pagination is set up. I have read through other posts and The lead Dev in one says that the Shortcodes will not work and in another it does..

So using either:
[mp_product_grid paginate="true" page=1 per_page="3" order_by="price" order="DESC" ]
OR the standard
{mp_list_products paginate="true" page="1" per_page="3" order_by="price" order="DESC"]
or the Global shortcode.

and then also turning on Pagination on in the Store Settings under presentation I would assume that pagination should be active albeit with some CSS to style the Nav links.

I cannot get this to work though.

So do the shortcodes work for pagination or do we need to code a template for pagination to work?

I am happy to code one but the forum has caused a little confusion and there is no documentation on it. The shortcode examples also have paginate="true" which would lead you to believe that once set it will add pagination under the products.

Many thanks for some clear insight.