Pagination for Etsy-style shop

Firstly, I'm not sure if this is a theme or plugin issue.

I'm setting up my site to be like Etsy, so I'm using S2 Member and MarketPress to achieve this. I'm using the Frame Market theme. My customers pay a subscription to sell their items at my site.

What I'm trying to do then, is include a list of all products available from all the different shops into the "global shop", at This is the shortcode I have for this "shop" page:

[mp_list_global_products order_by="rand" paginate="1" per_page="5"]

However on my "shop" page, out of 10 available products, only 5 show (as per my shortcode above) BUT pagination is missing, so I cannot view the other 5 products (i.e. there is not "page 2/Next page" link.

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!