Pagination link showing when there are no more products

I had the issue earlier and then someone told me that I didn't set the pagination on store settings.. but I thought if I didn't click the box 'yes paginate' that it wouldn't.. so he said to set it to 100, which we did.. but now it still shows next page, but there are no more products

That one category of products is still showing 'next page', but there are no more products. I have to say Yes to paginate, even though I don't want to ... because if I say no in the settings, it still does it and shows the same products over and over... if I say yes , and set to 100, it works, on every category but this one - https://www.mysite/products/scent-bars-2

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi tristajensen,

    I tested this on my installation but with both my own products or your imported one I was unable to replicate the issue.

    What's strange on your installation is that your category page is loading 96 products while that category has only 81.
    Also, if I change your product number per page to 101 the next button is gone.

    Can you try disabling your other plugins and switching to default WP theme so we can see if there are any conflicts on that end?

    Best regards,

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