Pagination problems on sub sites of a multisite.

I have a multisite. I am using marketpress and have a network of stores. On the global page and all the category pages of products my pagination ie. next page tabs are working fine. On the subsite stores, none of the second page or next page tabs are working. We are directed to page not found. I have contacted my theme author (using Pro 3 theme from marketpress themes) We can't figure it out yet. I first thought it was a theme issue and it may still be but wondered if anyone here might have any ideas. Here is what the url address looks like on the global store page 2 which is working.

Below is the url of a subsite second page product page that isn't working:

See how the / is after the word page?

Any idea what the heck is going on? I have permalinks set to post name so that is not the problem. This issue seemed to start after I upgraded to wordpress 4.0
All plugins and themes are updated.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.