paid coursepresspro problems

Hi, I am really struggling with your products. All what I am trying is not really satisfying me and to find all informations without any documents is hard so here is what I need in hope you can help me to solve the problems:

What I want to do: Courses I want to sell for any users, logged-in users and not logged-in users
I installed Coursepress pro, marketpress and membership2. I set up marketpress and coursepress. My course is set to paid course. I am using Divi Theme, wpml for translation

Problems / help I need for:
– no "buy now" button on courses overview pages
– Enroll Now! button can not be changed
– instructor picture can not be changed
– force system in marketpress to open shopping cart after pressing "add to cart" for immediately buying a course without open manually my shopping cart (mini cart is disabled)
– Course shows me not the option to enroll to anyone in backend (see support ticket before)
– After I am trying to register a User the register popup is not closing
– loginform does not work on popup if your are not a student. This is confusing. If I am not a student the pop up ask me to register. After registering the pop up is still not working becaues I do not bought this course but I do not get any infos or buttons to buy.
– how to translate (All Courses, instructor, etc. on front page e.g.) Courses set to translatable but I got no Infos how to translate. Do I have to update the language file via ftp? For what are the translation options if I can not translate directly in wpml?

I think there will be more problems coming up. I tried anything to set up with no success. Would be great to point me to what I need without search hours in boards and forums. Thanks for help.

best regards Reinhard