Paid Courses "Price = Membership" on Coursepress

I have installed a Coursepress Pro and Membership 2 to create a type of website. I want to provide two type of courses.

1.) Free Courses – anyone registered can take advantage of these. They can also see all other courses but would need to subscribe to a paying membership

2.) Membership Courses – Only those that subscribe to a paid membership can have access to these courses.

I have set up memberships and courses but i have 3 problems.

1.) All courses display Free. I want those that are truly free to show Free and those that a membership bases to display Membership in the Price Tittle.

2.) How do I assign courses that are free to the free the membership and those premium courses that belong to the paid membership. I have trying and looked at various blog post but no luck yet.

3.) If I put on coursepress that the a specif course is a "Paid Course" it will force me to put a Price on the course and then people can buy that course individually. This is not want I want. I want a complete subscription based course website with 2 memberships only. A free membership and a paid membership. That's it.

Can anyone help me?