Paid for WP.MU install and have premium what?

Hi community - I am new to the game...Paid for the WP.MU install premium. And have the membership - but don't know how to use any of this! YiKES...Am i in over my head here? I am not a programer - but thought that having the WP.MU install done by the pro would take care of those limitations - now I just need to know how to access all of this cool stuff im supposed to have!
Of course I have read through the site and manuals for getting started - but this has confused me even more because the images I see on the screen shot examples in the tutorial do not look like what I see when loggin into my account. Please advise where to begin - I know there has to be a simple way to get this going, right?

I have sent 2 e-mails to support to no avail. Help is greatly appreciated!