Paid Membership Pro Inquiry on setting up free trials

Hi Guys, I am thinking of becoming a paying customer of Paid Membership Pro. However, there is one thing stopping me. I want my memberships to have a monthly payment and I want the first 5 or 7 days of the membership to be a free trial. After the first 7 days is over I want the first payment to be taken, then every month. The problems is I am trying to decide between Paid Membership Pro and MemberPress. I have been watching videos for both. On the MemberPress the videos show you how to do this extremely easily. Like this:

But for whatever reason I cannot find the video or figure out how to do this simple thing on PaidMembershipPro? I would prefer to buy Paid Membership Pro instead of MemberPress because it seems to have more features and it seems to connect with more solutions I would be using. So if I could figure this one thing out it would be a great help to me.

We need some experts in the PaidMembershipPro plugin to point our member in the right direction.