PaidMembershipPro and BP and KLEO (theme) and geolocation to work together as a whole

I have setup a WP multisite with paying members and geolocation.

The idea with the website is that it covers the whole country of Denmark locally: Registered users get local content (nearest city).

I need PaidMembershipPro and BP and KLEO Directory (theme) and geolocation to work together as a whole.

My setup:
• WP multisite: +,,
• BuddyPress Member Types: Five paying + one free.
• Membership payment: PaidMembershipPro (PaidMemberShip levels: Nine paying + on free.)
• WP Themes: For main site and Directory: KLEO ( and two subsites (market places): Dokan (
• Geolocation plugins: and GeoMyWp
• Domain mapping: Activated

Besides the ‘main site’ there are for the time being two subsites with marketplace/multiseller shops: ( AND Registered user from the mainste ( are ‘automatically’ signed in but need to be charged explicitly if they sign-up for a shop on one of these subsites.
I have also setup a subsite based on a Directory with map ( On this site paying members are submitted as ‘Places’.

The huge challenge:
I need these ‘Places’ and PaidMemberships and BuddyPress Member Types to interact as one unity across the multisite network: So when user X signs up for a PaidMembership level A, user X also becomes a BP Member Type B and also a ‘Place C’ (and shows on the directory sites map.)

I’m open to all suggestions that can solve my ‘problems’
I have signed up for the whole package on and hopes that some of the tools/plugins can help me out :upside_down:

  • Rupok

    Hi Bjarne Taulo Sørensen

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Well, your requirement is a bit complex, and it will require huge amount of custom coding if you exactly want to achieve what you mentioned.

    when user X signs up for a PaidMembership level A, user X also becomes a BP Member Type B and also a ‘Place C’ (and shows on the directory sites map.)

    I could tell you better if you were using our plugins but PaidMembershipPro is a third party paid plugin, KLEO Directory is a third party paid theme and I don't have any access to their coding architecture. I don't even know what hooks they are using. What I can tell you best is the process to achieve this.

    For example, when a user signs up for membership level A, you have to find the hook in BP which registers user in BP and call that hook. Again, when this hook is called, you have to call the hook/function in KLEO theme to register his location in map. And only plugin/theme developers can give you best idea on this.

    As a suggestion, I can suggest you to use "Membership 2 Pro" plugin from us for membership. As it's from us, we can tell you everything to modify this.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Bjarne Taulo Sørensen

    Hi Rupok,
    Thanks for your prompt response :slight_smile:

    I have been looking at your "Membership 2 Pro" plugin and it seems to have a lot of the features I need. I will have to replace PaidMembershipPro and I don't know if that's as simple as just deactivating PMP and activating "Membership 2 Pro".

    We chose the themes and plugins over a year ago as I found the different features needed in them. I have worked a lot on customizing both themes and plugins. I am close to completing all customization needed. The 10 PaidMembership levels and 6 BP Member Types are 'merged' and 'work together', but the major 'complication' is to make memberships/BP member types and the Directory (map) to 'integrate'. You have a Directory plugin as well, but I need the map and geolocation (near-by) to function ( Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish that?

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards Henrik (and Bjarne)

  • Ivan Shulev

    Hey Henrik and Bjarne,

    I hope you are having a nice day so far!

    First of all, switching from PaidMembershipsPro to Membership 2 will not be as easy as enable/disable. You will have to create new membership levels and rewrite any custom code that relies on PaidMembershipsPro to use the logic of Membership 2.

    Considering the fact that I have very limited experience with PaidMembershipsPro, I will suggest using a hook like, which then calls a function from the Directory plugin ( and saves the location.

    Keep in mind this is more of a general suggestion than a solution for your case. It hasn't been tested and there are no guarantees, but given the amount of customization you say you did, you can give it a try.

    The solution you have seems complex enough as it is and adding more plugins might only worsen the situation.

    My advise is to work with what you have, possibly talk to the developers of the plugin that you have the least knowledge about.

    I hope this helps and I wish you an awesome day ahead!


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