Paragraph in CustomPress Custom Post

Hi, I am using Gravity Forms for user-submitted custom posts by CustomPress. In the body field I use merge tags for the content template as such;

{Dit klusje moet worden uitgevoerd op:12} voor {Voornaam:3}

<P STYLE="Beschrijving">font-size: 18pt</P>


This produces a custom post which looks fine in the backend but when I publish the post all content is right after one another, no paragraphs, instead of on a new line (which should come from the
tags right?).

I tried replacing
tags with <p> tags without succes. If I look at Add Post it has a option for 'Content Options' with 'Auto-Paragraphs' but I can't find this setting within Custom Press for my custom post.

Any help is welcome! (and yes I am a newby to WP/WP :slight_smile: )