Parallel Payments Paypal (Chained or Parallel? Service Charge?)

Hi I am new to the community :slight_smile:

From the "usage" of the plugin

Parallel payments is what allows a customer to checkout/pay once, and it’s automatically distributed to all the merchants in their cart. It enables buyers to pay multiple merchants on a marketplace in a single Express Checkout session. This is only available through PayPal.

So is this Parallel payments or is it Chained?

(This is not related to the plugin...)
Will the parallel payments charge several times for the service charge by Paypal

Like Sender paying $100 in total, to Shop Owner A (Multi Blog Owner) $50, and Shop Owner B $50,
will Shop Owner A & B only receive 96.6% of $50 minus the flat fee?



  • Alexander

    Hello @kwong_sham,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    To answer your first question "So is this Parallel payments or is it Chained?"

    It is describing what Parallel Payments does. This is what makes the global cart work. When a user checks out, they can pay one amount, and PayPal handles making sure each user gets their portion. The gateway tells Paypal what accounts, and amounts are to be used.

    Chained payments is different. It uses a similar process to deduct a fee and have it sent to your account, while the rest goes to an account at the store owner's paypal email address.

    Global cart only supports the PayPal Express checkout at this time, so unfortunately you can't combine both of these features.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

  • kwong_sham

    I have just watched the video from youtube -

    Just make sure I did not get it wrong -

    1) Parallel Payment works with MarketPress's Global Shopping Cart
    Buyer can buy item a from Shop A, item b from Shop B, paying for both items with one single checkout.
    The amount of money will automatically transfer to Shop A and Shop B

    2) For Chained Payment in Marketpress
    it works with Global Shopping Cart disabled, that Buyer can only checkout individually in each Mini Shop (or Wordpress Multisite Network Blog), and every checkout will have a proportion of fee charged to the Super Admin of the Wordpress

    are both statements correct?

    What you saying for
    "Global cart only supports the PayPal Express checkout at this time, so unfortunately you can't combine both of these features."

    is saying 1 and 2 cannot be combined together.

    Thanks for your prompt reply!


  • Alexander

    Hi @kwong_sham,

    Yes, both of those statements are exactly correct. And yes, the two features can not be combined. So yes, looks like you have it figured out.

    In both cases, the PayPal API handles all of this magic behind the scenes, and the gateway provides the totals, and the PayPal accounts to be used. There's just no way for this to be combined together because of how PayPal has things setup.

    But on the bright side, they're one of the most advanced gateways available, and fortunately the features are available to begin with.

    The only other gateway I know has a similar ability would be stripe's connect feature, but it's fairly new, so we haven't added it to any of our plugins.

    Is there anything else I can help clear up for you?

    Best regards,
    Alexander Rohmann

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