parent form in forminator

I need to create a lot of forms for different users and want to organize those forms as attached image.

Can i create a "parent form" in forminator?

Any idea to create many forms as attached image?


  • Jonjon
    • Code Killa

    Hi there kamhangmak.

    Hope you are doing great and thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately we do not have a parent form functionality in Forminator. But if you can give me a more detailed example of how you want to use it I might be able to help if it’s possible of course :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,


  • kamhangmak
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Jon,

    My client offer different courses with different schedules in different districts for adults and children in different months.

    He wants their users can select adult/child, then select district, and then select course and schedule.

    I know that conditional logic in forminator can do this, but it seems too complicated to put all in one form.

    I want to use parent form and sub forms to organize it so that I can re-use, re-organize in different months.

    Any ideas?

  • Jonjon
    • Code Killa

    Hi there kamhangmak.

    I believe you are right. The only and best way to do this with Forminator PRO by default is by using conditional fields. It might take a little while to get all that setup, but it will get the job done. I attach a simple example based on what you shared with us. You can make each combo box appear based on the course selected.

    Hope to have been of help.



  • kamhangmak
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    I find the other way to organize and show many forms, but i am not sure how to achieve it in Forminator.

    In Forminator Pro > submissions, at the left top, there is a conditional menu to show different forms and polls. I think that is a great way to organize and show many forms in different categories.

    Is it possible to create conditional menu to organize and show forms in live page?

  • Jonjon
    • Code Killa

    Hi there.

    Yes, that is possible you will need a PHP script that queries the database and then load results in a select element. Then you need to use Javascript to change the form based on the values changed in the select.

    You may use our own plugin model as an example. Thee script below was extracted from the Forminator plugin file: wp-content/plugins/forminator/admin/views/entries/content.php

    <form method="get" name="bulk-action-form" class="fui-select-actions">
    <input type="hidden" name="page" value="forminator-entries">
    <select name="form_type" onchange="submit()">
    <?php foreach ( $this->get_form_types() as $post_type => $name )
    { ?>
    <option value="<?php echo esc_attr( $post_type ); ?>"
    <?php echo selected( $post_type, $this->get_current_form_type() ); ?>>
    <?php echo esc_html( $name ); ?></option>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php echo $this->render_form_switcher(); // phpcs:ignore ?>

    Hope that helps!



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