Parent/childs themes model


I've just read the following:

Our plan is to release several child themes very close to each other using a core parent theme

It was here:

Does it have something to do with Looking-for-a-pack-of-themes-with-same-options-same-widgets-same-back-end-menus-same-logic? (see following quote)


I know your 133 themes pack is a great resource. And I know it was a lot of work to create it. But wouldn't it be much easier and less time consuming for you (and for us) to keep such a "xxx themes pack" clean and up to date (especially with WP new features) if it was based on a parent/childs model? This is a fantastic feature of Wordpress and should definitely be the way to go in multisite environments.

I've seen some old posts where you were saying that you'd "like to be able to provide a theme framework or themes that work just as well as Thesis here... and which are a little easier to manage". It was here, more than one year ago.

Why not create now a clean and simple parent theme (or framework) that would be 100% optimized for multisite networks (!) and fully supporting your WPMU plugins (!!), with some cool but easy and basic customizing features? This would be a solid architecture to build new child themes on it and a much more efficient strategy (for you and for us) in a long term vision, wouldn't it? We could even contribute as members by sharing our child themes within the private forum or a dedicated area.

Are you going to create a lot of child themes based on this parent theme? Will they be compatible with all of your plugins? I mean... would that be an alternative to the 133 themes pack? Is that the prupose of this new parent/childs themes model?

Thank you for your answer!