Parse error: syntax error on multi-db?

I’m doing a test install of the multi-db plugin and keep on getting this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘,’ in /home/thatmlmb/public_html/mu/wp-content/db-config.php on line 44

if I comment it out, I also get it on lines 47 – 62 with the add_db_server, so I’ve configured something wrong, but not sure what.

Here’s my code:

1,’′,’global.mysql.mysite.lan:2082′, ‘global-db’, ‘thatmlmb_user’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(‘global’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,’’, ‘thatmlmb_global’, ‘thatmlmb_user’, ‘password’:wink:;

I’m thinking the problem is with thatmlmb_global’, but not sure what the global-db should be?


add_db_server(’0?, ‘dc1?, 1, 1,’, ‘wp_0?, ‘thatmlmb_user’, ‘password’);

Any idea what I’m missing or doing wrong?