Parse URL parameters and insert into custom table

I send email from an email service provider company. One of the features is that we can call a URL you (i.e., the customer, not you WPMUDEV) set in your account and add in whatever pre-defined parameters (e.g., emailaddress, transactional message ID, open date, clicked URL, if the message bounced, the recipient unsubscribed, etc.) to have that data inserted/updated in whatever table you set to record the data. For example, a test website is (it's just an html landing page at the moment, nothing else going on here). If I turn this into a WP web site - what I want to be able to do is (after sending a message to is have the email application call I would guess there is some plugin out there that would be able to consume this query string, parse out the name/value parameters, and insert the data into a defined table. So, could you point me to a plugin that can do this? I can provide more information via private email and the ESP website feature that does this; I just need my own working example of this functionality for troubleshooting/customer support/development. Thank you.