Pass Pro Sites values to Clickbank payment form

I need a bit of integration help to get Pro Sites values passed on to a Clickbank payment form when a user fills out the Pro Sites checkout form. Can you help please?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Christian Melo,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have read your chat with Patrick but there are some aspects of the case that are still a bit unclear for me. I assume that you want those users who sign up for a site via Pro Sites to purchase some specific product from Clickbank, correct?

    They could be pointed to some defined Clickbank URL of course, after Pro Sites checkout, by giving them some button or a link to click on a confirmation page, leading to that URL. That'd be relatively easy to achieve. However, passing the data - that might be a bit more complex. My questions are:

    - what exact data from Pro Sites do you want to pass to Clickbank?
    - would I be right assuming that you'd want to use Clickbank "Payment Link" with some additional query strings to pre-populate Clickbank's checkout form as explained in these two articles:

    Finally, that should be somehow "automated" or would that be enough if users would have a button to click after Pro Sites checkout completion that would take them to ClickBank (e.g. in popup or separate browser tab) using such Payment Link?

    Let me know please.

    Best regards,

  • Christian Melo

    I created a page with the plans price like i have on prosites, cool.
    on prosite pages i click choose plan, fill up the form and click reserve the site to pay on the next page right

    With my new landing page where i have a better attractive page to sell my product i need to collect the same information using your form when the visitors click choose plan to fill up the new sub-domain automatically and when they click reserve your site now instead go to stripe page they will go clickbank page payment form.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Christian Melo

    Thank you for your response and an explanation.

    This, however, shows quite more complex case than I initially understood. There are two "aspects" that would have to be addressed: first would be "to fill up the new sub-domain automatically", which - I presume - should happen based on the data from your custom form, instead of default Pro Sites checkout form and the second one would be to make payments via ClickBank instead of Stripe.

    As for that first aspect. That would have to be a solution based on some custom code, created specifically for your site - based on how that custom form works.

    As for the second aspect: the "semi automatic" option is to just set Pro Sites to a "Manual" payment gateway, put a ClickBank link in its description field and then manually check if a user has actually made a ClickBank purchase and if so, activate the site.

    A "fully automatic" option would actually require implementing ClickBank as a custom payment gateway for Pro Sites, which would be quite a complex coding. I'm afraid that'd go outside the scope of this support:

    If you need that to be coded for you, you might want to consider posting a job request on some job board. A good place to start could be a service, for which you can also grab a nice discount from our Partners page here:

    Kind regards,

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