Passing an array of data from form presentation to form handler?

Is it possible to somehow pass an array full of data from the form presentation in PHP/WordPress to the form handler?

I have a subsystem that populates a very complex array $data_structure as part of the form presentation process. When the user clicks a button, I need to have the full contents of that array (either passed as name or as value) available to the handling routine.

It's ok if the array has to be bundled up somehow in the display form area and unbundled somehow in the form handling section. Elements of the array can be strings containing any kind of data, including full HTML and PHP. I know about the security issues with that, but because of the nature of this project, this is what needs to be done.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

if (isset($_POST['form_hit'])) {
	// do form handling
	$important_info = $data_structure['branch']['branch']['node'];

else {
	// display form
	<form name="form" method="post" action="">
	$data_structure = [a very complex array]